Why You Should Choose a Wordmark Logo for Your Small Brand

3 November 2019
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Broadly speaking, there are two categories of logos that you can choose for your brand: symbols and wordmarks. Symbol logos, like the Apple logo or Twitter's blue bird, are pictorial. Wordmarks, on the other hand, are typographic and focused on the company's name—think Coca Cola or Google. Both can work well in different applications, but for most small businesses, wordmarks have the edge. Here are three reasons why you should choose one for your brand when hiring a graphic designer: Read More 

Top 3 Factors to Consider When Picking a Digital Printing Firm

9 January 2019
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With so many commercial digital printing companies in Australia today, choosing a digital printing company can be challenging. Some companies specialise in making safety signs and vehicle signage, among other products and services. So, how can a procurement manager pick the right printing firm to partner with? Below are some solid points such managers can rely on to evaluate potential partners. All this can be accomplished by discussing potential printers with colleagues, visiting different websites and calling the contenders you have shortlisted. Read More 

How to Use Labels Creatively for Your Organisation

8 November 2016
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In business, you have to continuously work hard in order to get seen by your customers and it's difficult to be noticed in a sea of noise. More and more organisations are competing for your prospect's buying dollar and you often have to think creatively in order to become visible. You may not have considered using humble business labels here, but it can be a powerful solution. What do you need to consider in relation to label marketing? Read More 

How to Get the Best Results When Printing Graphic Designs

7 November 2016
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Graphic design is very screen-focused, and images can look surprisingly different once printed out. A perfect online ad might look terrible printed, and something which doesn't look quite right on screen might be fine once it's in your hands. Choosing the correct settings is absolutely essential when creating graphics to be printed, especially when working in colour. To preserve the integrity of the design you've spent hours working on, make sure you follow the tips below. Read More 

Offset Printing vs. Digital Printing: Which is the Best Option for Your Printing Needs?

14 September 2016
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Technological advancements in the printing industry have brought about more options and impressive features in today's commercial printing. The introduction of offset and digital printing are new advancements, and many clients often find it difficult to choose between the two technologies. Technically, offset printing and digital printing are quite distinct except that they are both viable options for commercial printing requirements. Understanding their features and benefits can help you make an informed and cost-effective decision to meet your printing needs. Read More